Mini Moke for Sale

MOKE 2XS*  High Performance 1980 Mini Moke

Offered for Sale at $US 18,500

Matching Trailer optional at an additional $US 1,000


This Moke is being sold personally by me, Alan Margison. Beware of scams; do not deal with anyone claiming to have authority from me to sell the car.


Imported ten years ago from Australia, where it was manufactured in 1980, this Mini Moke has escaped from rust and corrosion.

The vehicle was in good roadworthy condition when acquired but it was a basic Moke: outdated, underpowered and uncomfortable.

It has now been modernized to present day standards and technologies in order to improve its performance, reliability, safety, appearance and comfort.

Modifications here described were done over the past ten years by the current owner who has experience working on and renovating British cars.

It resides and is registered in Victoria, BC, Canada

The car is only used in the summer so has had no contact with road salt.

It is garage stored year round.

Kids absolutely love it!

If you are importing this into the United States, California may be a problem while all other States should be OK. I have a friend who has sold 2 Minis and 1 Moke into different states in the last few years. Check with your local vehicle licensing authorities.

Parked or driving around, this Moke gets more public attention than would an Aston Martin! 
Buy only if that suits you


Moke 2XS - Specifications

and Modifications



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Engine    Photos

  • 1380 cc (standard is 998 or 1275 cc)

  • Hardened valves, seats and guides allowing for lead free fuel use

  • High lift roller rockers

  • Duplex timing chain with damper

  •  Extra-light aluminum flywheel and clutch back plate

  • Fully balanced

  • Aluminum rocker cover

  • Timing:  trigger wheel + sensor mounted on crankshaft pulley

  • Wasted Spark Ignition (no distributor)

  • Crankcase ventilation system

  • Over 100 hp (standard is around 35)


Electronic Fuel Injection    Photos and explanation

  • Canems Fuel Injection Management System: Laptop Computer used to enter and monitor data.  

  • Fully programmable rpm/load maps allowing for Sport or Economy modes on the fly.

  • Mappings for: Injected fuel quantity; Injection phasing; Spark timing and dwell; Oxygen sensor feedback loop;
    Cranking and warm up adjustments; Acceleration enrichment; and more.

  • Twin Jenvey throttle bodies

  • Weber Induction Manifold

  •  Throttle position sensor

  • Innovate LC-1 programmable, wide-band oxygen sensors.  One for inner, one for outer cylinders

  • RC Engineering 650 cc/min fuel injectors

  • High pressure electric fuel pump (no mechanical pump)

  •  Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

  •  Cool air induction plenum with air filter


Transmission  Photos

  • Final drive ratio changed from 4.1 to 3.4

  • Gearbox windage plate

  • Cross pin (stronger) differential

  • Gear change box re-positioned

  • Quick shift, short gear changer

  • 3rd/4th detent spring


Exhaust   Photos

  • Three branch large bore manifold

  • Oxygen sensors mounted

  • Custom, quiet but efficient exhaust


Brakes   Photos

  • Disc brakes all round - 9.5 diameter discs

  • Brake booster

  • Cross shaft to operate right side master cylinder from left pedal position

  • Regular handbrake plus...

  • Brake line cut-off for rear wheels can act as handbrake


Steering   Photos

  • Changed from right to left hand drive

  • 13 Steering wheel, lowered

  • Two steering wheels: Black leather or Colour-coded (yellow)


Suspension   Photos

  • 14 Sunraysia wheels

  • Wheels spaced outward 1"

  • Hi-los front and rear

  • Front and rear camber/caster/toe-in are all adjustable

  • New rubber suspension cones

  • Gas shocks all round


Electrics   Photos

  • Wiring harness completely re-done

  • 70 amp alternator (standard is 35 amp)

  • Separate, direct to battery ground wires throughout

  • Pre-engaged starter motor

  • Additional relay and fuse panel fitted

  • Canems ECU

  • Temperature sensors for water, oil, and air

  • Integrated speedo/tach/water/fuel instrument with fully functioning warning lights

  • Digital Gauges  for oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage, air/fuel ratio

  • GPS on dash

  • Radio with CD etc.

  • Rear speaker enclosure with headphone jacks on roll bar

  • Headphones/Ear protectors

  • Electric de-mister driver's side

  • Diamond cut headlights with mesh stone-guards

  • Air horns

  • Front seat heaters

  • Wired for trailer and for being towed


Cooling    Photos

  • Heavy duty radiator

  • Pressurized overflow tank

  • No engine driven fan

  • Electric fan with automatic thermostat cut in/out

  • Oil cooler with thermostat


Body   Photos

  • Galvanised as per Australian spec.

  • Completely stripped and repainted

  • Firewall recessed to accept throttle bodies and air intake horns

  • Left side engine compartment widened to accommodate radiator and electric fan

  • Retractable/Inertia type front seat belts

  • Lockable trunk space

  • Lockable glove compartment

  • Custom dash and instrument panel

  • Genuine front and rear Moke seats from Australia

  • Laminated windshield

  • Tempered glass front side windows

  • Roll bar

  • Redesigned front bumper

  • Heavy duty rubber floor mats

  • Re-designed canvas roof supports

  • Top and sidescreens in good condition

  • Re-designed mirrors

Trailer   Photos

  • Has optional matching utility trailer

  • Ends remove for loading long materials

  • Will take 4' x 8' sheets of plywood



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* Why 2XS? Because everything is done 2XS.